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You were redirected from the Atempo Website. Atempo was acquired and integrated into ASG in 2011.

"By integrating Atempo’s technologies into ASG’s solutions, we are able to provide customers with a scalable, long-term data protection solution that works across any infrastructure and on any platform.  Atempo’s flexibility is a perfect match for enhancing several of our areas of expertise, including our cloud orchestration, information management and infrastructure management solutions."
- Arthur Allen, President and Chief Executive Officer at ASG
Read more about the acquisition here.

Where can I find Atempo products?

Atempo products were integrated into ASG's Data Protection Solution. This solution comprises of the following:

ASG will continue to support Atempo products, to access the ASG Support Portal (ISP) please click here.
To contact ASG Support, please click here.

If you have questions, you might want to check our Frequently Asked Questions section.


Q: Have the name of the products changed?
A: Yes, but only slightly. The Atempo name in our products has been replaced by ASG. E.g. Atempo-Time Navigator became ASG-Time Navigator. As both companies share the same first initial, so the product acronyms remain the same: ASG-Time Navigator still remains ATN.

Q: Do I still have support for the products I purchased from Atempo?
A: Yes. Atempo’s support teams have been integrated into ASG’s support organization. ASG has three support centers in Europe, the USA and Japan in a follow–the-sun mode.  If you would like to benefit from our 24x7 support, contact your local ASG sales representative or contact your reseller.

Q: Will ASG continue to add new features to my product?
A: ASG is committed to supporting our customers with reliable, market-leading products.  The Atempo products we are focused on are ASG-Time Navigator (ATN), ASG-Live Navigator (ALN) and ASG-Digital Archive (ADA).

Q: How can I find the right sales person?
A: Please click here to request contact.