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Enterprise Automation Management Suite (EAMS)

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Advancing the Concept of Business Service Management

ASG's Enterprise Automation Management Suite (EAMS) is a solution for companies that want to manage their underlying technology and ensure that their IT infrastructure enhances business performance. ASG's EAMS advances the concept of Business Service Management (BSM) software by using a sophisticated engine to collect information on IT assets and relates those assets to overall business services.

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Solution Overview


  • Improving user satisfaction and service levels
  • Aligning IT investments with business performance
  • Providing measurable value to the business
  • Prioritizing IT operations and improving resource utilization


    ASG's EAMS Solutions provide IT executives with out-of-the-box software designed to monitor business services to prevent issues from interrupting business.


    ASG's EAMS improves productivity, avoids added costs, and increases end-user-satisfaction.